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"Introducing Malaysia's Pioneer
Designer Golf Polo Brand.

CARRO brings you distinctive designs that exude vibrance, captivating colors, and daring boldness,

ensuring you step onto the golf course with unparalleled sharpness and style. Behind this dynamic brand are the creative powerhouses, Caroline and Mark, who are driven by a singular mission: to infuse 'carro-vibes' into every garment, radiating joy and excitement through their designs.

Their vision is to empower individuals to embrace confidence and happiness in their pursuits, golf included. As CARRO rides the transformative wave of change, it leaves an indelible mark on the local and international golf scene.

Welcome to the exhilarating world of CARRO!"


Our Story

Meet Caroline and Mark founders of CARRO.

An energetic duo with endless of passion for fashion and people!

Mark Westwood & Caroline Wass, Founders

They met 2003

Sharing passion for fashion they hit it off

In 2003, the stars aligned, bringing Caroline and Mark together in the vibrant heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A shared passion for fashion ignited an instantaneous connection between them. Their journey is nothing short of enchanting. Mark, with a discerning eye, swiftly unearthed Caroline's liking for coffee and the tantalizing flavours of banana leaf cuisine, creating a direct route to her heart. As their romance flourished, so did their individual styles. Mark's once monochromatic wardrobe, dominated by shades of blue, underwent a vivid transformation under the influence of Caroline's vibrant fashion sense.

Fast forward to 2005, the dynamic duo embarked on a new venture in the business world, driven by a common desire to infuse positivity and style into clothing and services. They entered the corporate arena, using their designs, which had been previously reserved for retail customers, to dress up companies.


Over the years, their privilege extended to collaborating with a diverse array of clients, spanning SMEs, MNCs, and GLCs, both locally and internationally. There was no challenge too big or daunting for this enterprising pair. One of their notable achievements involved delivering over 30,000 apparels to more than 17 different countries.


Their dedication and creativity forged lasting bonds with clients, primarily through word-of-mouth referrals and admiration for their work and designs.


The CARRO brand was formed

In 2017, they took a monumental leap by founding the brand CARRO. Starting with stylish polos, they aimed to breathe new life into these versatile, yet often overlooked, wardrobe pieces.


But they didn't stop there

Fuelled by their passion for fitness and activewear, Caroline and Mark broadened their apparel range, creating key items suitable for various occasions, particularly for exercise. True to Caroline's artistic identity, the patterns were bold and eye-catching, igniting newfound enthusiasm for workouts.


Re-focus on a single mission

An overwhelming response from the golfing community compelled a shift in focus. Golfers began knocking on their door, drawn to CARRO's bold patterns and vibrant colours. In early 2019, after extensive research and discussions with avid golfers, CARRO underwent a transformation into a pure designer golf polo brand. The singular focus was on crafting polos that not only elevated their game but also served as versatile wardrobe staples suitable for work, casual wear, travel, and more.




The brand's name, is not just a name; it's a cherished moniker lovingly bestowed upon Caroline by her late grandmother. Growing up, Caroline was known for her dynamic, lively, and fun-loving spirit, and these very qualities have become the essence of what CARRO aims to embody.

Caroline Wass

Designer, Fashionpreneur & Vikingwife.


Co-founder of CARRO,

Hails from Sweden and lives in

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Loves colours, patterns, staying active, healthy, being outdoor, authentic people, Asian food & dark chocolate.

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Mark Westwood

Marketing, Fashionpreneur & Muse.


Co-founder of CARRO,


Hails and lives in

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Loves to workout, dreaming, being

on-the-go, coming up with solutions, people with positive mindset,

Swedish food & coffee.

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CARRO Golf Polos | Unisex

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