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Our Story

Meet Caroline and Mark founders of CARRO.

An energetic duo with endless of passion for fashion and people!

They met 2003

Sharing passion for fashion they hit it off

Caroline & Mark met in 2003 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mark learned fast that Caroline had a sweet spot for coffee and banana leaf food and soon found his way to her heart. When the couple first got to know each other, Mark had all shades of blue in his wardrobe, which was soon changed after colorful Caroline came into his life. 


In 2005 they set out their journey together in the business world. Striving to spread good vibes together with fashionable apparels and service with a smile they started working in the corporate world dressing up companies in designs which back then was only sold in the retail store by brands to individuals.


For many years they have enjoyed the privilege to work with clients ranging from SME’s, MNC’s and GLC’s, local and international, nothing is too big or impossible for the duo to take on. On one of the many projects they delivered to over 17 different countries, over 30,000 apparels.


With time and over many projects they have forged trust and relationships with their clients that lasts until today. Under the radar, clients will mostly find them by word of mouth or through the liking of their work and designs.


Always striving to push their own boundaries they founded the brand CARRO in 2017. Starting off with stylish polos since they are so versatile, often overlooked statement pieces in the wardrobe. They set out to change this and to do the polo justice.

Many golfers are today grateful to that as CARRO has added much excitement to their games and life.


Why stop there?

That’s when Caroline and Mark decided to add activewear to their range of apparels. Since they both loves working out and most of the time are wearing workout clothes on their leisure time it made sense to come up with key items which you can wear anytime especially  when working out. True to Caroline’s identity. The patterns are bold and stands out. If you didn’t feel up for a workout before, you definitely will after putting on the apparel!

Caroline Wass

Designer, Fashionpreneur & Vikingwife.


Co-founder of CARRO,

A Golf Polo and Activewear Brand.


a fun fashion company.

Hails from Sweden and lives in

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Loves colours, patterns, staying active, healthy, being outdoor, authentic people, Asian food & dark chocolate.

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Caroline Wass has a passion for fashion & life.jpg

Mark Westwood

Marketing, Fashionpreneur & Muse.


Co-founder of CARRO,

A Golf Polo and Activewear Brand.


a fun fashion company.

Hails and lives in

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Loves to workout, dreaming, being

on-the-go, coming up with solutions, people with positive mindset,

Swedish food & coffee.

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Mark Westwood has a passion for fashion & people.jpg
CARRO - The Brand


CARRO is a Golf Polo and Activewear Brand

Established in Malaysia since 2017 with a growing presence locally and international.


Caroline & Mark are partners in life and in business, they are also the founders, designer and creative persons of this brand.

The name CARRO is actually a nickname given to Caroline by her late grandmother. Described to be an active, lively and fun child while growing up, that’s exactly what the brand is set out to be.


With designs that are bright colorful and bold, CARRO aims to encourage the wearer to be confident, expressive, live a fun and exciting active lifestyle. And while they’re at it, stay healthy doing the things they love.


The patterns that Caroline comes up with are original, inspired by life and the experience that surrounds her.

CARRO Womens Top 3Sixty CWT3S2 Black_FRONT.jpg


- 3Sixty -

In CARRO's latest collection.

Caroline plays around with vibrant colour combinations of the pattern ranging from subtle black with

contrast neon orange details to more daring

multicolour options in blue-red.

The pattern 3Sixty, consists of "circles of life" and

is a tribute to the duo's 15 years in the fashion industry.


Check it out and why not,

add some new exciting colours to your wardrobe!

CARRO Polo 3Sixty CP3S4 Blue_lifestyle.jpg



is a fun fashion company

We are dedicated and focused on two market segments.

1.CARRO Corporate Apparel and Accessories

(custom design & made-to-order).

2.CARRO Golf Polos and Activewear (ready-to-wear).

Our Mission is to bring fashion into the corporate world

and fun into active lifestyles apparel for individuals.

Established in 2005, we have over 15 years experience in this industry.

We believe that it's essential with teamwork in everything that we do. That we are only as good as the people we work with. Mutual benefit and growing together with our network of manufacturers, vendors and clients is key. 

Proud to be a Malaysian Brand.

Note: Carro World Sdn. Bhd. 200501033348 (715488-H)

Formerly known as Labuchi Design Sdn. Bhd. (LD)

CARRO Golf Polos | Unisex

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